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Supplies you’ll need for building your DIY composting toilet


Nobody likes starting a project only to realize there’s an important tool or component missing while you’re at it. So we’ve compiled this handy list of EVERYTHING you need for building your own DIY Throne composting toilet.

Things to order online:

Your DIY Throne Kit! You can shop the entire kit with one click (and save while doing so!), or mix and match all the components you need for your specific toilet setup. We recommend buying the everything-included-bundle for the best composting toilet experience. What’s included: 

Throne Composting Toilet Diverter

Throne 2 Gallon Liquids Jug with convenient level alarm (no more overflowing pee jug!)

Throne extra big 6 Gallon Composting Bucket with lid

Throne Vent Kit

Throne DIY hardware kit – no need to buy a 100-piece set of screws for this project 

With this bundle you have all the components you need for your individual project.

Make a plan:

Now you just need to figure out how your DIY toilet should fit your space. Do you want to follow the Free DIY Throne plans? Just download them here for all the templates and a convenient list of things to buy at your local hardware store. 

The DIY Throne plans don’t fit your space, your style, or your design? No problem, it’s easy to design your own toilet! Some great inspiration can be found on our Instagram feed and in our case studies

With your DIY plan you can fit your Throne toilet in your van, your outhouse, customize it for weirdly shaped RV bathrooms, and even your personal height. 

Gather your supplies:

Tools like a jigsaw (to cut out the hole for the diverter) and circular saw (or have the individual pieces cut to size in your local hardware store), drill, pencil, and sanding paper. 

You might also need wood glue, silicone, and putty.

We recommend waterproofing the interior and exterior of the toilet. Accidents happen, and it’ll make cleaning so much easier and helps to extend the life of your DIY composting toilet. Examples of options to waterproof include metal flashing (we recommend aluminum because it’s easy to work with and to clean), plastic sheets, or waterproofing wood with Polyurethane or liquid rubberized coating (for the insides of your toilet).  

Keep it simple…

… to build, to maintain and to use.

Remember to keep your toilet easy to clean and maintain (check our blog post about mistakes to avoid when building your composting toilet). This includes filling screw holes, avoiding nooks, crannies, and hard to reach edges where possible. And, most important of all: Plan on how you want to empty both your liquids and your solids and build your toilet accordingly. 





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