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Composting toilets shouldn’t be complicated, ugly, or expensive! A DIY toilet is a great option to save a bundle of money. However, the lynchpin item is the diverter and it can be difficult to find one that does its job well while keeping the cost reasonable. We developed a urine diverter that does its job exceptionally well, is simplistic in design and maintenance, looks pretty, AND saves you money.

The Diverter gives you the flexibility to craft the perfect toilet that fits your bathroom style and space! Simply build a base using the included plans and cut-sheet, add a bucket, jug, and fan and you have a toilet! The diverter separates the liquids from the solids in your composting toilet system which allows for increased solids capacity and easy disposal of the liquids. If you’re building a custom DIY toilet this part is the hardest to make on your own. Want to get the FREE Build Your Own Toilet plans now? Check them out here.


  • A deep liquids bowl prevents overflowing during enthusiastic, well-hydrated use
  • More clearance for that comfortable personal space between you and the diverter (if you’ve used a common composting toilet, you know)
  • A large solids opening means you don’t have to aim your #2!
  • Clean and simple. Seamless design with no moving parts makes it easy to keep flawlessly clean and ready for a visit from your mother.
  • DIY build plans with full size cutout templates, materials list, and tools list included to get you “going”
  • Liquid outlet engineered to work with ¾ pipe so you can plumb to a remote tank.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

The Throne diverter was developed based on feedback from over a hundred composting toilet users with years of toilet use, management, and cleaning under their belts. This diverter offers the best performance separating solids and liquids, the simplest cleaning, and the least fuss of any diverter we’ve found. A large solids opening means you don’t have to aim your #2! A deep liquids bowl prevents overflowing during enthusiastic, well-hydrated use. And the clean and simple, seamless design with no moving parts makes keeping your toilet clean and “company ready” quick and easy.


Measurements: 16.75” L x 13.5” W x 7” D
Weight: 23 oz.
Material: LLDPE
Thickness: 5/16″

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10 reviews for Composting Toilet URINE DIVERTER

  1. Tyleen

    Composting Toilet in our bus. We are so happy with our composting toilet! We built a square one , but it’s the same idea. Everyone said you need to install a fan to keep it smelling good, but I didn’t have time to figure out how to do that when I built it. I figured I’d do it later.
    We don’t need it! As long as we take care of it properly, there is NO SMELL. Thank you so much for the wonderful urine diverter.

  2. Francisco Palma

    It’s the best option you can find. The material is of high quality. The one-piece design allows it to be installed with greater ease and precision. It exceeded my expectations.

  3. Brandi Jordan

    Get this diverter! If you are DIYing your own composting toilet and waffling about what diverter to get then stop and buy this one. It is sturdy, high quality, and the build plans you get with it are absolutely brilliant. So happy we went with this diverter. Plus it arrived quickly!

  4. Lori

    Worth the price. Nicely made and thought out design. Easy to clean and lift off for emptying. Still looking for a suitable liquid container but for now, we cut down the opening on an old cat litter jug. I did a custom built-in box to fit our toilet into our our conversion van. The template provided was easy to use although it made a slightly larger hole than needed to fit the diverter. I use mine with a 5 gallon bucket and activated charcoal made for gardening. No odors and it’s not vented.

  5. John

    By far the best urine diverter available. I built our compost toilet for our RV using another diverter. It was a fail! After purchasing the Throne urine diverter and converting the existing compost toilet I knew it would be a success. Well designed with no “aiming” issues and extremely sturdy. Highly recommend the Throne Urine Diverter. Thank you.

  6. Katrinka Hibler

    Great product. The template made it easy to build a box for the diverted and catch containers.
    A liquid detergent bottle is working well for catching the urine.

    This thing works great.

  7. Kate

    This is not our first composting toilet. It’s our 3rd. The first was a basic box design with a urine separator that mounted to a bucket, and then one that mounted to box. Neither prevented urine from missing it’s mark and resulted in nearly daily cleanup. Throne’s diverter is a simple brilliant design – spaces for both #1 and #2 are generous in their dimensions, and the one-piece “cover all bases” design means there can be NO accidents. I also loved their plans, the narrower design gives us space back in our outhouse. We used paint sticks instead of flashing, but would have saved money using cedar lathe (comes in 6’ lengths at the big box stores). Our only other alteration is using clear tubing to funnel the urine to a pit behind the outhouse. Thank you Throne!

  8. Jamee

    Best way to do a composting toilet I’ve seen! We finished our build a while ago and we’re obsessed. We used a Nature’s Head for five years and building a toilet with these plans and parts has been the best upgrade we’ve done for our bus. SO much easier to use and clean, more comfy for folks of all body sizes, and much more beautiful. We loved finishing it in cute scrap wood we had laying around and a pink toilet seat to brighten up our space.

  9. Angie

    We built our composting urine diverting toilet into the couch of our van conversion. This diverter works great! It was very easy to build using the template we printed from the company. I highly recommend this diverter. It’s built very solidly, and the design works great in our build.

  10. Stephen Burkardt

    You need this. As Throne says, “A composing toilet does not have to be ugly or expensive”. Until now, those were your two choices. This is a well engineered and solidly built diverter with no flex. And, it is easy to clean. With the full size included plans this is a bargain.
    I needed this to slide into a 19 inch high space in my van, so I made some height modifications. I used a 4 1/2 gallon bucket from drywall compound and used a standard 1 gallon milk jug for the urine container. I used the recommended toilet seat and metal trim, but used white quarter inch PVC to cover the frame. I mounted a cabinet handle vertically on the front to make it easy to slide in and out of its space. I am living out of my van full-time so I use this every day.
    Great design and product. Thank you for all of your efforts and good luck in your ventures.

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