About Throne Composting Toilet

In 2012 my wife and I made some major life changes. My wife left her teaching career, we sold the majority of our stuff and moved into an Airstream. We were expecting our first child and we wanted the freedom to live life on our terms. (For more on this journey checkout out blog: livinlightly.com)

As we remodeled our Airstream we were confronted with decisions about how to deal with waste. After a lot of research we settled on a composting toilet as the best solution for our needs. However after doing some shopping and additional research we didn’t like the look, function or the price tag of the toilets on the market.

Wanting a better option I decided to make my own. Fast forward to today after 100’s of hours tinkering, testing and building prototypes I’m excited to offer the Throne Composting Toilet.

The Throne is a simple, effective and affordable composting toilet that doesn’t look like it belongs on the moon lander.  See the photos below of the current prototype, which we're using at our off-grid tiny house.

The Throne features a custom 4 gallon liquid jug & 6 gallon solids tank which is nearly double the capacity of other units on the market. The plastic formed base is lightweight, great in wet bath applications and very easy to clean. The Throne is a simple and seamless design that you will be proud to showcase in your home and at a fraction of the price of other units on the market.

Plus we offer all the components and free plans to build your own if you’re a budget conscious DIYer and want to save some cash by constructing your own.

We are just about ready to bring the Throne to market and we need your help!

The Tiny Living community is very diverse and innovative and we want to tap into this collective wisdom to bring the best solution to market.

We are passionate about the freedom Tiny Living affords and most of our team lives Tiny in spaces ranging from Vintage Travel Trailers, Tiny Houses and School Bus Conversions. This project is more than selling a new product. Our goal is to serve the Tiny House Community by offering a better solution.

Click the link below to become Throne Royalty.  In exchange for your feedback we’ll keep you in the loop with updates and get you some deep discounts when the Throne is ready to ship.