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Throne Composting Toilet

THRONE 2 Gallon Liquids Jug with Level Alarm

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Never overfill your pee jug again! If you have ever used a composting toilet you know how quickly the urine bottle exceeds capacity - and what a pain it is to clean up that mess! The liquid level alarm notifies you with a red light when the liquid jug is full.

This 2-Gallon jug with lid and handle fits perfectly with our diverter (or any other 1" tube) and comes with the liquid level alarm installed and ready to use. This investment will pay for itself many times over (unless you enjoy an overflowing pee jug). The Liquid Level Alarm uses a float switch that activates a bright LED to alert you that you're approaching the capacity. The light illuminates on our Throne Diverter for easy detection night or day.

The jug also has a lid and a handle for easy and secure transport.


Height: 13.5"
Diameter: 9.25"
Diameter of opening: 1.5"

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