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Throne Composting Toilet

Composting Toilet URINE DIVERTER

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Composting toilets shouldn't be complicated, ugly, or expensive! A DIY toilet is a great option to save a bundle of money. However, the lynchpin item is the diverter and it can be difficult to find one that does its job well while keeping the cost reasonable. We developed a urine diverter that does its job exceptionally well, is simplistic in design and maintenance, looks pretty, AND saves you money.

The Diverter gives you the flexibility to craft the perfect toilet that fits your bathroom style and space! Simply build a base using the included plans and cut-sheet, add a bucket, jug, and fan and you have a toilet! The diverter separates the liquids from the solids in your composting toilet system which allows for increased solids capacity and easy disposal of the liquids. If you’re building a custom DIY toilet this part is the hardest to make on your own. Want to get the FREE Build Your Own Toilet plans now? Check them out here.


  • A deep liquids bowl prevents overflowing during enthusiastic, well-hydrated use 
  • More clearance for that comfortable personal space between you and the diverter (if you've used a common composting toilet, you know)
  • A large solids opening means you don't have to aim your #2!
  • Clean and simple. Seamless design with no moving parts makes it easy to keep flawlessly clean and ready for a visit from your mother.
  • DIY build plans with full size cutout templates, materials list, and tools list included to get you "going"
  • Liquid outlet engineered to work with ¾ pipe so you can plumb to a remote tank.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

The Throne diverter was developed based on feedback from over a hundred composting toilet users with years of toilet use, management, and cleaning under their belts. This diverter offers the best performance separating solids and liquids, the simplest cleaning, and the least fuss of any diverter we've found. A large solids opening means you don't have to aim your #2! A deep liquids bowl prevents overflowing during enthusiastic, well-hydrated use. And the clean and simple, seamless design with no moving parts makes keeping your toilet clean and "company ready" quick and easy. 

Don’t want to DIY your toilet project? Check out our Premium Throne Composting Toilet!

Measurements: 16.75” L x 13.5” W x 7” D
Weight: 23 oz.
Material: LLDPE
Thickness: 5/16"

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