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Interested in joining our crew?

So you must be really into this whole composting toilet thing. So are we! But that’s not all: the Throne Composting Toilet team is also the Tiny Wood Stove Team.

Who We Are

Tiny Wood Stove / Throne Composting Toilet is a small business serving the Tiny Living community with wood stoves, chimney parts, composting toilets, accessories, and people to back it up. We’re passionate about simple, intentional living, and we spend our time supporting people who are building tiny, mobile, and unconventional living spaces. Have you seen those Tiny House shows on HGTV, and people building their homes out of old school buses or vans on Instagram? Those are our people!

We are a mixed team of on-site folks in our shop space in Hayden, Idaho for warehousing inventory, order fulfillment, light fabrication, and customer support; and remote folks throughout the country providing marketing and customer support.

Core Values

Tiny Wood Stove and Throne Composting Toilet (Tiny Supply Co) exist to SERVE our customers and employees. We serve our customers by providing valuable products, information, and support. We serve our employees by providing meaningful work that affords time and resources for living their dreams. We are passionate about the freedom that Tiny Living provides and helping our customers & employees on their freedom journey gives us deep PURPOSE. We are DRIVEN to work hard, learn and grow. We are OPEN to new ideas and feedback. We are light-hearted and have FUN at work and play. We strive for work/life balance and we reach for our dreams.

Feeling excited about our mission and our team? Click the button below to see all of the job opportunities over on the Tiny Wood Stove site.