Long Probe 20″ Compost Thermometer


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Long probe compost thermometer for safely and effectively making black gold aka compost.


Whether you’re composting your Throne contents for humanure or just food scraps this tool will allow you to keep an eye on your compost temperature so you can alter your carbon-to-nitrogen ratio for keeping your compost hot and active.

Hot active compost kills pathogens (and pesky weed seeds) and processes pile contents into rich nutritious soil much faster than cold dormant piles. Thermophilic activity (heat) means microbes are having a Fiesta while working hard to process your yard, kitchen, and bathroom waste into rich soil. Our large 6-Gallon Buckets & Snap Lids are great for collecting, storing, and transporting kitchen scraps for the compost pile.

We place our bucket just outside our back door for scraping plates after mealtime and any other kitchen scraps that come from our kitchen.

We highly recommend the Humanure Handbook for those new to composting Humanure.

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