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Perfect-Fit-Throne in an upgraded Class A RV

Heather built her Throne to perfectly fit her Class A RV bathroom as an upgrade from her previous off-the-shelf composting toilet.

Where are you using your DIY THRONE composting toilet? 

We installed our toilet in our RV that we live in full-time.

Why did you choose a composting toilet, and, more specifically, a DIY THRONE composting toilet?

We decided to go with a composting toilet to save on water and to not have to deal with emptying the black tank.

Have you had any experiences with composting toilets before building the Throne and how has it been for you?

We installed a Nature’s Head composting toilet around 8 years ago when we moved into our RV full-time. When we found out about The Throne diverter, we were very excited to switch it out as the Nature’s Head was very hard to empty solo and very hard to clean.

There is absolutely nothing I miss about the Nature’s Head except the good customer service, they were always quick to respond and would send us free fans that were always breaking. The Throne is 100% better in functionality and cleanliness and I’m so glad we switched!

How was your experience building your DIY toilet?

The build went rather smoothly but we came up with our own design since our space couldn’t fit the full sized DIY plans.

What’s your routine for managing your toilet?

We clean ours weekly and the whole process takes about 15 minutes. I used to hate “pooper” day, but now it’s a breeze!

We piped our liquids to go into our black tank which is so nice to not have to deal with emptying a bucket on a daily basis. We dump the solids bucket in a compost pile that we don’t plan to use in our garden, but I know you can using the right technique.

What do you like most about your DIY THRONE?

The simplicity of it, and knowing I can now empty and clean it without needing my husband’s help.


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