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Hidden DIY Throne in a Skoolie

Blair built her DIY Throne composting toilet for her Skoolie home, and she created the perfect hidden couch solution for it. Here’s her experience with her Throne:

Where are you using your DIY THRONE composting toilet? 

Daily use in my Skoolie.

Why did you choose a composting toilet, and, more specifically, a DIY THRONE composting toilet?

I chose your diverter for my toilet because of quality and shape and it has held up very well. No complaints! No mess or plumbing.

Have you had any experiences with composting toilets before building the Throne and how has it been for you?

Nope. I thought it would be gross and smelly, but it’s not at all.

How was your experience building your DIY toilet?

My bus was already converted and therefore had a toilet, but it needed improvements, so your diverter has made it much nicer! I prefer that this is one solid piece that covers the whole area. Before I only had a small urine diverter that didn’t also go over the back and so there was a skill to aim correctly.

What’s your routine for managing your toilet?

Regular all over cleaning and then vinegar spray on the diverter and cat litter in the bucket with each use. Case fan to pull smells out of the bus. Solids get thrown away with the garbage and liquids go wherever I can dump them.

What do you like most about your DIY THRONE?

Easy to use. No flush. Less water usage.




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