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DIY Throne Composting Toilet in a Skoolie – The Burlibus!

The Burli-bus crew tried a different urine diverter in their Skoolie built and it was just not working for them! After installing the Throne Urine diverter they say:

“I do not miss our old set up at all. The throne has been so easy to use and clean.”

Where are you using your DIY THRONE composting toilet? 

We use our compost toilet daily in our Skoolie Tiny Home.

Why did you choose a composting toilet, and, more specifically, a DIY THRONE composting toilet?

We loved the design of the throne urine diverter with how it dropped into the hole cut out for it in our wood top. No opportunity for it to come apart.

Have you had any experiences with composting toilets before building the Throne?

Our original urine diverter clipped onto the side of our solids bucket and let’s just say…it did NOT work well. SO many messes we had to clean up!! I do not miss our old set up at all.

There was a gap between the diverter and our toilet seat and of course urine loved to find its way into that space. 😳 We needed a different option and I believe I found Throne on Instagram. What drew me to throne was the “drop in” diverter eliminating that big gap.

The Throne has been so easy to use and clean. It has been way easier to use than I expected and works really well for our family’s lifestyle.

How was your experience building your DIY toilet?

Since we had originally used a different diverter we just retrofit the Throne into our existing set up. I love the design plans that are included and definitely would’ve gone that route if we had originally used the Throne.

What’s your routine for managing your toilet?

Our liquids go directly to our gray tank so we don’t have to worry about emptying any jugs. We use a vinegar solution to spray the diverter after each use and we clean it with water about once a week. Super easy!!! We use coco coir for our solids bucket and empty that about once a week as well. 

We use a small covered trash can for our tp disposal. Our 5 gallon bucket is double lined with two bags for easy removal. I typically empty that about once a week as long no puts tp in the bucket. 🙄 That makes it harder to cover solids and can make it smell. Still trying to train one member of our household. 🤣🤣🤣

What do you like most about your DIY THRONE?

I love the ease of cleaning it all. The diverter just fits perfectly into the hole and with how we have our pipe running to our gray tank there are no hoses to connect. It lines up perfectly every time.

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