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Throne Composting Toilet

Premium THRONE Composting Toilet

Regular price $625.00 USD
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In development - Coming Soon! We expect to have the Throne Composting Toilet available late 2023. Click here to get notified when the Throne Premium is available for purchase!


Composting toilets shouldn't be complicated, ugly, or expensive! Consider the average price of $1000 for similar composting toilets. We felt we could make one that is simple, works the way it should, looks nice in your bathroom, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

This is our premium turn-key composting toilet complete with a plastic wet-bath compatible base, ventilation system, and liquid level alarm. This unit includes everything you need for a compost toilet:

  • Best urine diverter on the market! - easiest to clean, large solids opening, large liquids bowl, deep division between solids and liquids
  • Comfortable toilet seat
  • Wet-bath compatible lid
  • 6-gallon solids bucket with lid
  • 2-gallon liquids jug with lid
  • 4" ventilation fan (CFM)
  • Liquid Level Alarm - never overflow again!

Measurements: L 22.4” x W 16.9” x H 21”