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and join the Throne Composting Toilet Collaborator team!

It’s important for us to have meaningful collaborations, real-life experiences and compost toilet users – not just pretty pictures. That’s why we want to hear from you. Our Brand Ambassadors are active in their niche and have awesome (well-designed and presented) spaces. They have a knack for taking good pictures and telling stories. They have an engaged and captive audience or show promise to grow an audience. If you are looking for a composting toilet and feel this describes you, apply to be a Throne Brand Ambassador!

Ambassadors Get:

  • Discounted Products
  • Discounted Future Products
  • Free Swag: Stickers, T-Shirts & Promo Materials
  • Exposure on our Platform
  • Optional Affiliate Program: Earn on sales made through affiliate links.

Ambassadors Provide:

FEEDBACK – We want to continually improve our products and business to better serve the Tiny Living and Off-Grid communities. Ambassadors will provide us with valuable feedback.

PULSE OF THE MOVEMENT – The Tiny Living and Off-Grid communities are diverse and evolving. We want to keep in sync with our people’s changing needs and wants. Our ambassadors will keep us connected to the heart of this diverse and evolving community.

INSPIRING STORIES & CONTENT – The Tiny Living and Off-Grid Movements are fueled by inspiring stories. We want to share your story! Brand Ambassadors provide us with content (pictures, video, case studies) we can share on our website and social media to help fuel the movement.

If you’re interested in being a part of our Brand Ambassador program complete the inquiry form on the right and we’ll get in touch!


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