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Composting toilets can be a clean and simple waste solution for your tiny home or mobile structure but there are many options that are overly complicated, messy, and just don’t work for your lifestyle. We too have been frustrated and grossed-out by difficult to manage and hard to clean compost toilets.

Let us help you learn everything you need to know to choose the right composting toilet for you.

Where do you fall on the interest spectrum? Reluctantly dissatisfied composting toilet veteran or hesitantly enthusiastic newbie? You might even feel skeptical or just plain weirded out by the idea of “pooping in a bucket.” Our team has been there. We have lived with and used 10 different composting toilets with a cumulative 35 years of freedom from sewers, septic systems, black water tanks, and chemical toilets.   


Learn from others, like you, who had to make a toilet decision to serve their lifestyle and chose composting. Hear why they chose their toilet, pros and cons after years of use, and how they manage their composting toilet.


Composting Toilet Facts

Start here if you are feeling a little lost when it comes to Composting Toilets. We discuss how to choose the style of composting toilet that works for you, different types of cover materials, the basics of composting, and more.