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Composting Toilets in the Summer

Not all homes are perfectly climate controlled, and using a composting toilet in the summer can seem daunting… and smelly.

But don’t you worry. We have all the tips and tricks you’ll need for a smell-free summer, giving you time to worry about the important things in life, like how many s’mores you can eat before your composting toilet needs some extra love later.

Adjust your covering material

Depending on where you live, you may need to adjust the moisture of your solids.

For dry, desert climates, add some moisture to promote the composting process. This is especially important for humanure setups. 

For humid climates you might want to add some additional covering material to prevent smells. Can’t get rid of moisture issues? Take a look at your diverter: Does it adequately separate solids and liquids? Important: What works for you might not work for other family members. Does the separation work for smaller users, or other anatomies? 

You compost might be too moist if your diverter doesn’t separate liquids and solids properly. This can be an issue, especially in humid environments, and cause smells. Check out the Throne Urine Diverter for improved separation efficiency. 

Add some vinegar

To prevent smells coming from your liquids jug, simply add some vinegar to the jug. This not only helps with keeping the smell down but also preventing buildups in the bottle. Vinegar is also a great cleaning solution for the jug.

Vent maintenance


During the warmer (and humid) months, a vent can help transport excess moisture out of your composting toilet. If you’re having issues with condensation make sure your fan is running and maybe increase the speed. Check out our improved Throne Composting Toilet Vent System for optimal moisture control. 

To prevent bugs and other critters from getting access to your toilet make sure you have a screen installed in your vent. 





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