DIY Throne Composting Toilet in a Tiny House - Lee's composting toilet upgrade

DIY Throne Composting Toilet in a Tiny House - Lee's composting toilet upgrade


Lee integrated his Throne Composting Toilet diverter into his existing Tiny House Composting Toilet after his previous diverter failed to do it's job:

"We were having problems with our old diverter allowing liquids and solids to mix. The Throne diverter fixed all of that. We've been using it full time for about 6 weeks now and we're extremely happy with its performance, it has 100% fixed our diverter problems. "

Read along to learn more about his experience with the Throne diverter 

Where are you using your DIY THRONE composting toilet? 

Daily use in our tiny home.

Why did you choose a composting toilet, and, more specifically, a DIY THRONE composting toilet? 

We chose a composting toilet for ease of use. We built our own because it shouldn't cost $1000 to poop in a bucket and we love DIY that saves money AND works.

Have you had any experiences with composting toilets before building the Throne and how has it been for you?

Our Throne diverter was an upgrade from a smaller diverter that just didn't function. We love our Throne diverter, it works great. We love it. It's cleaner and definitely less smelly than a conventional toilet. We like the fact that it uses no water as well.
There is nothing we miss about our conventional toilet.

How was your experience building your DIY toilet?

The Throne diverter was an upgrade for us. I retrofitted it to my original design.

What's your routine for managing your toilet?

Once a week empty, clean and sanitize. 
Liquids go to a gray tank along with our shower and sink. It's then pumped through a sand/ gravel filter, then on to the up hill side of our garden to aid with irrigation. We're using a humanure setup for solids.

What do you like most about your DIY THRONE?

There's no smell!


Do you want to share about your DIY Throne composting toilet experience? Tell us about it! 

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